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The idea behind my ‘cohabitable architecture’ project is looking at the possibility of bats performing and providing entertainment for humans. My idea came from looking at how the horseshoe bats flew into their roosts to hang upside down. The bats, when roosting, don’t congregate in any particular formation.

My inspiration came from the idea of manipulating a space so that bats congregated in a certain areas and in certain shapes. I could do this by varying the surface textures and depths of the ceiling from where the bats are hanging, to form shapes.

I took direct inspiration from the artist Bridget Riley in deciding what kind of space I wanted the bats to congregate in, the thinking was that the bats and the space together could form a work of art in her style.

People would seat themselves in this “theatrical” space around dusk, to see the bats going and returning from feeding times and therefore bringing alive the work of art which is depicted on the ceiling. This concept, in itself has sparked off many other avenues that I would like to explore within this project, to do with choreographing bat formations and making the show more interactive, not just on a visual level but on other levels like for example sound. I am also going to look into what other uses the bat theatre can have for humans during times when it is or it is’nt, inhabited by bats.