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Oscar Crit Review Notes

-there could be some static and some moving components, the boxes for the bats look as if they would like to move

-Look into the details, a green roof is really heavy and needs some more structural support, your roof needs to beef up a bit

-Taking into consideration that a consistent temperature is really important for the bats, thin plywood construction may not be enough.  You may want to show some insulation

-the spaces for the bats to huddle in should be a bit closer together about 2 cm

-the opening should not be one continuous slit, and instead a series of small slits at 2 cm width

-there was talk about the over all formal language of the piece.  Perhaps make it more symmetrical or at least make the side stretching over the pathway a little more delicate.  This could be done with a cable support system or something that talks about the webbed space between the wings.

-this project has a great sociological factor to it.  It comes full circle and talks about ecology and life cycles.

-What would you serve at the bat snack shack?  Fruit?  Could this drive your design?

-It is a great integration of bat habitat and foraging.

Maya’s Additional Comments

-Overall this is a great project.  You have taken your interest in bat foraging and hunting of insects and managed to tie it into a building that brings human activity into the mix.  It its own mini ecosystem and you could begin to do drawings that speak about how this ecosystem works and what aspects of the building support it.  I think a more refined drawing of how the bats will enter and inhabit their bat boxes and then go and hunt the insects would be spectacular.