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-The building has a unique shape it would be great to see how the shape was informed by the orientation in the square, how it receives sun light, or how the bats enter the space.  It needs to be a bit more specific to some external factor.

-Look at passive building structures, this could be a passive building that has both an aesthetic and technical reason for its shape.

-You have lots of lovely atmospheric drawings now it is time to do some technical drawings to back it up.  Draw a plan, and section through the building to indicate how it is used and the relationship between the book exchange space and the bat space.  We need some very simple diagrams that explain how the space works.

-The green roof corridor is a great idea, but needs a bit of work to make it convincing.  Start with a map and on a 2-d surface map out where the green roofs would be.  Then begin to look at what type of biodiversity is required on the green roofs for the bats to make their pits stops there.

-You played with the latex and some of its qualities such as translucency and skin like surfaces need to come through into your work.  Play a bit more and then translate those material properties into the building.

-It is a very rich idea that we can link declining bats populations with a decline in readership of books.  You are making a wonderful observation and social commentary.

-Look at the logistics of reading and the light quality needed.

Maya’s additional notes

This is a very rich and diverse project that has many different vantage points by which you can engage with it.  You an bring it full circle with introducing insect houses on top of the green roofs to encourage the bats to travel to the park.  Do the section through the building and show how it is used and how your beautiful spaces relate to one another.  Once you bring in another factor such as sun orientation and temperature you building shape will change and become much more site specific.  Beautiful project, perhaps it requires being formatted into a little book that would be part of the book exchange?