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-To enhance the performance you could give people infrared night vision goggles, which is like watching bright objects moving around.  This could be another way to explore and integrate the work.

-Pick another site, perhaps near your house where there are actually horseshoe bats hanging around.  Alternatively the brown long eared bats have a light sampling performance that you could play off of.

-You could have insects in the theatre with a fine net between you and the bats to protect you from the poop, but also be a further screen.  It is like when a screen comes in front of the stage in Swan Lake.

-Play with the idea of surface and echo location.

-It could have other purposes as well such as moon observation and other nocturnal things.

Maya’s Notes

We spoke a lot about the program and what could be done.  This tells me that you need a really clear narrative or performance to be structured to lead people through the building.  The ceiling, which is the focus of the work is really clear.  You need to have a clear section through the building in order to explain to people how it works.  I would suggest to you that you write out what you are going to say so to make sure everything is covered and it tells the story you want.  Then look back at the work on the wall and see what elements will help you to tell that story.  Overall it is a really exciting project that could be taken further.  You can begin to talk about rough and smooth surfaces for the humans to sit upon that choreographs their placement.  Great job!