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-Exciting and innovative project.  The key question is what motivates the bats to go down into the underground?  What motivates the bats to enter the special bat tube and not just inhabit the tunnels?  One suggestion could be an insect colony at the bottom of the tube that would keep them there.

-Does the tube move or is it static?  One suggestion was that the tube could move between the Bat Gardens and be a short cut to Regents park.

-The towers at the top of the park that act as the entrances could also be used for roosting.  This could be a project that accommodates bats throughout the year.  In the summer they can roost at the top and in the winter when the hibernate they can go into the tunnel.

-The use of rough wood was really great.

-We loved all of the details that you thought of, the sign that says “bat gardens” and how it is located in the existing tube map was great.

-It may be difficult to see the bats and having a glass screen may be hard to keep low light levels.  Perhaps a permeable screen would be more appropriate.  You need to develop this further.

-You could take advantage of the video advertising spaces and use cameras to display the bats.  This way there is an interaction, but they are not disturbed.

-Wonderful & playful project.  It looks like you had lots of fun with it and that shows in the work.