Participants Bio’s

  Greg Carson:  My name is Greg Carson, and I have a long-standing interest in the natural environment.  I currently work as an ecologist as Director of Ecology Network, a company I set up 2½ years ago.  Prior to that I have worked for a large environmental / engineering consultancy, a local authority and the Wildlife Trusts.

In delivering my service, I seek to apply a creative approach to my work, delivering solutions which enable project aspirations to be met while safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity.

Apart from environmental matters, I have an interest in European dance and music, bicycles and learning from my 2½ year old daughter.  However, following the Animal Estates session, I am considering giving it all up to become an architect…

  Sonia Ali 

My work as an artist is based upon crossing boundaries is all senses, where my work is very process-based and investigative and attempts to push the boundaries of 2D and 3D disciplines. I also like to cross different areas such as ecology and architecture and would like to work towards a more collaborative approach.  I am currently exploring architectural drawings, spatial relationships in the urban environment, and fusing that with spaces within the ‘building blocks’ of craft technique such as knitting stitches and then the scaling up of these blocks to intervene in public sites.
I also work for Goldsmiths College within the Centre for Cultural Studies.
I chose to do the Cohabitable Architecture workshop to work/collaborate alongside people from different backgrounds and not necessarily in fine art and also develop a different slant to my thinking and making whilst learning about ecology and applying art and design to this area.
  Sam Little:  Against the advice of both my architect dad, and my architect brother, upon leaving art college I decided my next step would be studying architecture. I am currently in my first year at London Metropolitan University after a year of travelling. In amongst architectural escapades and doodles; I enjoy art, music and science…. but I really need to get better at reading.

  Oscar Wokowu:  Oscar completed his undergraduate degree from the University of East London in 2011. He is currently on his year out and is looking for a placement to continue his education. Before studying architecture, Oscar trained as an electrician which gave him an insight into the construction industry and the tools to excel in all aspects of the profession. Oscar Wokowu, 23

  Ramsey Yassa is a Part I architecture graduate and is currently undertaking his year out in practice. His personal line of enquiry lies in fabrication, both immaterial and material. Ramsey’s immersive and intuitive methodology values a multidisciplinary approach, narratives make up the fabric of his projects in which themes of human geographies, politics and the built environment are weaved at a scale of contexts reaching from the particle to the astronomical.

Ramsey is proud to have received the Stephen Lawrence Award for his achievements in design and is engaged in humanitarian projects, teaching and conscious journalism alongside his professional endeavours.

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